About Me


My name is Sasank. I am a founding member and AI scientist at Qure.ai. My work involves deep learning on medical images obtained from radiology. My passion lies at the intersection of AI, healthcare and open source technologies. As a founding member of Qure.ai, I led and contributed to developing AI for healthcare. I am instrumental in development of qER, a intracranial hemorrhage detection tool.

I am an avid hiker and alpine snowboarder. Mumbai is nicely nestled in Western Ghats and there are some very good hikes nearby in Lonavla and Bhandardara. I should have hiked some 30 summits around Mumbai. As a kid, I was not into sports. So, I have decided to do something drastic and learn snowboarding in Himalayas! I have snowboarded from some of the highest slopes in the world (4000m). These days, I am getting into photography.

Me Snowboarding

I contributed significantly to PyTorch, a deep learning framework used by many organizations around the world. I also made numerous contributions to open source and maintains an active profile on Github. Some of my contributions include Keras, SimpleITK, Scikit-Learn libraries. My own projects on image rectification and feature extraction are also popular.

Since my childhood, I was always interested in math. So, I picked up Electrical Engineering as my major in IIT Bombay in 2015. At IITB, MA 105 - Intro to Calculus, caught my imagination with the amount of rigor and formalism possible in math. So, I ended doing a minor in Mathematics. During my senior year, I discovered computer vision and ended up doing lot of courses in computer science department. Some of my favorite courses from the time:

I have strong music tastes. I love rock and classical music. I am getting into Carnatic music these days. I really like Annammaya’s songs. Here’s some recommendations of music. Besides, I read a lot of classic books. I should maintain a list somewhere, hopefully along with a short review.

You can find me at other places around the web.