Glimpses of World History

Sasank Chilamkurthy | |

Started: 28 November 2016
Completed: 17 December 2016

A very long book. It has been on my reading list since years. Picked it up and put it down more than 2 times. Nevertheless as easy read. This time, I completed the whole book of about 1200 pages in less than a month!

It’s a survey of world history as it is known at 1930s. Might be outdated, but still it’s a great introduction to history. Nehru explains motivations, interests, a bit of economics and foreign policy of nations and how they shape history. This is a very good book to start an informal study of history. I now feel ready to read the more detailed histories of nations, like Nehru’s own Discovery of India.

Note on Socialistic leaning of the book: This book also indirectly explains the leftist leaning of Nehru. He talks about class struggle and other Marxist theories and how they shaped the world. He’s not unfair to right though and this book is not a propaganda piece.