Music I Have Been Listening Recently

Sasank Chilamkurthy | | 4 minutes to read.

I figured I’d document my music listening history some place or other. What better place to do it than my blog! I also like to see more posts in my minimal looking blog :)

I tend to love alternative rock music albums. I also like a bit of R&B. I almost never got hooked to hip-hop/rap. Although, it looks like this is being challenged by Kanye West’s rap masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

As will be apparent as you see my list, I like to listen music in albums. Albums usually have a sense of cohesion and evoke some imagery/emotion when listened as a whole. Sometimes, it feels like I am empathizing with the singer even when not listening to lyrics.

My primary source for new music is Pitchfork’s Best New Music and its year end lists. They have been feeding right music to my tastes quite consistently. I also got Apple Music and the experience has been phenomenal so far. Listening to new albums is so easy!

As for Indian music, I rediscovered relatively old Mickey J Meyer Telugu albums after listening to Chandamama Kathalu. I also loved Gangs of Wasseypur music.

Anyway, let’s jump to the list.

Gangs of Wasseypur

Sneha Khanwalkar, Bollywood

Man, these songs were so catchy. Not your traditional Bollywood music. Most of the songs are folk and/or experimental. Here are some songs I hummed so much that I later tried to learn the complete lyrics: Jiya Tu, Keh Ke Lunga, Ik Bagal, Taar Bijli, Moora. O Womaniya is very suggestive and is quite fun!

Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Stevens, Alternative

Sufjan Stevens went through a personal tragedy and this album is apparently inspired by it. You can feel his grief, reminiscence and regrets. Album as a whole feels very personal and melancholy.

Chandamama Kathalu

Mickey J Meyer, Tollywood

Movie is great and so is the music. The title song Chandamama Kathalu is about appreciating people around you. It somehow feels serenely meaningful. Payaname is another favorite song.

Happy Days, Kotta Bangaru Lokam

Mickey J Meyer, Tollywood

These two are very similar albums/movies. As with most Mickey’s songs, the songs are pretty relaxed too. Sirivennela Sitaramasastri has written very good lyrics for Nenani Neevani.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West, Hip-Hop/Rap

This is quite a masterpiece. So much so that my dislike for rap was overcome for this album. The tone of the album is one of extravagance. But you can feel the underlying seriousness and personal nature of the message. I’d count this as a ‘heavy’ listen.

A Seat at the Table

Solange, R&B/Soul

I have read somewhere that this album is about Black womanhood. With interludes and songs like Don’t Touch My Hair, this is quite obvious. First in the Pitchfork’s 2016 Albums of the year list. Easy listen.

My Woman

Angel Olsen, Alternative

My latest favorite album. I don’t quite understand the underlying theme of the album yet. Quick search shows that Olsen said that My Woman addresses “the complicated mess of being a woman.” I guess that makes sense, given songs like Shut up Kiss Me, Sister, Pops. Anyway, I love the way the album sounds; it sounds personal.

A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead, Alternative

Radiohead released a new album and obviously it’d make it to my list ;). Compared to more impersonal tone of Radiohead’s previous albums, this album sounds more humanistic. It’s also more symphonic, but Radiohead’s trademark electronic music is still there.

Almost all Radiohead albums end with a very melancholy song and this is no exception. I always loved these songs. True Love Waits is in contrast to pessimistic closing tracks like Motion Picture Soundtrack from Kid A.